Benford MS.  Implications of Plant Genome Research to Alternative Therapies: A Case for Radiogenic Metabolism in Humans.  Journal of Theoretics, Vol. 4-6 (Dec. 2002). 
Abstract:  Recent research revealed a stunning percentage of a plant's genome is nearly identical to a human being's.  A relatively high proportion of genetic matches occurred in the categories "metabolism" and "energy;" thus, fueling speculation of a light-based photometabolism in animals similar to plant photosynthesis.  This paper examines these newly discovered genetic overlaps in relationship to human energy and metabolic processes furthering previously published work incorporating "radiogenic metabolism" into a revised energy-balance equation. Also examined is groundbreaking Russian research on biophoton emissions, including the historical work of A.G. Gurwitsch.  This work is further compared with recent gamma radiation detection experiments during bioenergy therapies and revolutionary new evidence demonstrating cellular "consumption" of infrared light sources.  Positing a "cross-kingdom heritage" with that of a species intimately dependent on light, introduces a new perspective for interpreting mysterious psychospiritual enigmas, such as halos and uncorrupted bodies. "Eating light" may also help explain why one study demonstrated that bioenergy healers are nearly twice as likely to be significantly overweight as comparable population-based cohorts.