Benford MS.  Biological Nuclear Reactions:  Empirical Data Describes Unexplained SHC Phenomenon. Journal of New Energy.  Vol. 3, Issue 4 1999, 19-27.  Abstract:  In the Spring 1998 issue of The Journal of New Energy, Dr. Panos Pappas proposes an "Equation of Life" which posits the existence of a low-energy nuclear fusion on an intracellular level. This equation, I lNa23 + 8016 + Electrical Energy + ATP Energy 19K39, invokes an endothermic reaction and biological transmutation in living cells. Pappas asserts that this new equation replaces the flawed hypothesis of the so-called "sodium-potassium pump" accepted in modem biology. Others, Re Komaki and Kervran, have likewise posited, and demonstrated in experimental trials, the likelihood of non-radioactive biological low-energy fusion involving sodium and potassium. This assertion may be supported by recently replicated studies by Benford et al. which identified statistically significant decreases in extremely high-frequency electromagnetic fields, gamma rays, during alternative healing therapy sessions with a trained practitioner and multiple subjects. One hypothesis suggests that the fluctuations may occur because of increased gamma radiation absorption or diminished intracellular radiation emission by the subject during bioenergetic treatments whereby the magnetic fields surrounding the healer's hands are significantly stronger than at resting levels.
     The increased proportion of energetic gamma radiation may result in the activation of specific cellular and molecular processes that are beneficial to the organism. This presupposes an innate disposition among animal cells to use radiant energy, similar to plant photosynthesis, as an alternative energy supply via a process called "radiogenic metabolism." If correct, this additional high-energy source may participate as a significant factor in Pappas' "ATP Energy" requirement accounting for biological transmutations and other intracellular nuclear reactions. In this paper, the author presents a tandem hypothesis that the gamma radiation enrichment under certain conditions may be responsible for, not only beneficial biological nuclear effects, but also deleterious effects resulting in the heretofore unexplained phenomenon of Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) and it's possibly less violent counterpart toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN). 
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Dr. Kriston Sherman performing healing energy experiment while subject being monitored by gamma radiation detector
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