"This book is a must for any person interested in the Shroud of Turin -- truly a pioneering and courageous work." Dr. John DeSalvo, Executive Vice President for the Association of Scientists and Scholars International for the Shroud of Turin (ASSIST), November 1, 2001

"I really think you are on to something that will advance our knowledge of these issues." Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Former Apollo Astronaut, Founder of IONS, June 2000

"Here is proof of the Shroud, and more importantly, here is proof that the soul continues on after death." Heather Froeschl, QuillDipper, Inc., December 2001
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The next morning as I awoke, I heard a strange yet vaguely familiar voice projecting loudly into my mind,  "Strong Woman, we are here for you."  Still half asleep I inquired, "Who are you?"  To which the deep, masculine voice replied, "I am the angel Michael and I want you to know we are here for you."

          When Susie Benford was a child she almost died from cancer. However, she survived but with multiple handicaps. Thwarted by both physical and emotional challenges, an inner strength propels her to a miraculous physical achievement when she becomes the strongest woman in the world (three-time World Powerlifting Champion, holder of all the World Records in the 97 lb. weight class).

          Currently Benford is a registered nurse, health care researcher, and Executive Director of a non-profit biomedical organization in Ohio. Her education is diverse, from the in-depth study of religion to pursuing scientific testing of unexplained paranormal phenomena: i.e. the Shroud of Turin and Spontaneous Human Combustion.

          Benford's experiences with psychic phenomena are responsible for the redirection of her life into the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.  In 1997, she contacted Fr. Joseph Marino, a Benedictine Monk and Catholic Priest at St. Louis Abbey. Their divinely-inspired meeting, and subsequent joining as life partners, served a research liaison that is credited with uncovering vital information leading to the authentication of the Shroud.

          STRONG WOMAN is a real-life transformation story full of hope, strength, encouragement, and inspiration that culminates in the understanding that there is much more to our existence than meets the eye.  Susie's story is also your story.  One of parallel courses of "strength" development: physical, emotional, and spiritual.  It is the story of who we truly are our spiritual heritage and our divine destiny.
Benford revealed her stunning discoveries on the Art Bell show (hosted by Barbara Simpson) on 9/8/02.  These revelations generated an overwhelming appeal by listeners for her book, which is NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME.
"Occasionally, a book comes into our lives whose power transcends a simple summary or endorsement, and can be known only through the direct experience of the reader. STRONG WOMAN is one of those books." Gregg Braden, New York Times Best Selling Author, December 2001. 
272 pages, 28 amazing photos